7. git push


I keep getting this error on #2 of 7.git push..... I need help:

$ cd my-quizzes
$ git push origin cd my-quizzes
error: src refspec cd does not match any.
error: src refspec my-quizzes does not match any.
error: failed to push some refs to '/home/ccuser/workspace/curriculum-a/science-quizzes'

Instructions read:
Push your branch up to the remote.

In the output, notice the line:

To /home/ccuser/workspace/curriculum/science-quizzes
* [new branch] bio-questions -> bio-questions

Git informs us that the branch bio-questions was pushed up to the remote. Sally can now review your new work and can merge it into the remote's master branch.


cd = change directory
so cd my-quizzes jumps into the my-quizzes folder. But in this command:

   git push origin cd my-quizzes

you should rather name a branch like probably master instead of cd my-quizzes


you are doing it right, however instead of cd my-quizzes, put bio-questions.
It needs to say git push origin bio-questions
Your welcome


git push origin bio-questions


Thank you. Can you explain the structure of the command? I am sort of lost understanding what is origin and what is master


I would also like to know what is the command of the structure.

Why isn't it "git push origin biology.txt"


origin refers to the location where you are pushing, if you would run:

git remote -v

you will see origin (and where origin is pointing to). master refers to the master branch (to see the branches, run: git branch)

@pikochu, when using git pushes, you push all the files you commited with git commit, you can't push files like that, git wasn't build to server that purpose


Thank you Kevin! Got stuck and read this and bam! it helped