7. error message with using bootstrap



You are seeing an error message because your first and second col-md-4 divs don't have closing tags. I'm not sure if your third column has closing tag because the error message is on top of where it belongs.


Is there a possible way you could show me what you mean? Thank you.


Sure, here you go:

<div class="col-md-4"> <!-- column 1 begins -->
    <div class="thumbnail">
       <img src="http://goo.gl/0sX3jq">
    </div> <!-- closes thumbnail -->
    <div class="thumbnail">
        <img src="http://goo.gl/an2HXY">
    </div> <!-- closes thumbnail -->
<!-- missing closing tag for column 1 -->

<div class="col-md-4"> <!-- column 2 begins -->


I got it, thank you so much for your help!