7 Continents – 7 Questions: Drag and Drop Quiz Game with React (Typescript)

7 Continents – 7 Questions

Drag and Drop Quiz Game with React (Typescript)

I built a drag and drop component with the Framer Motion animation library for React.
The demo version is a Quiz with (simple) geography questions – check it out:

Link to the repo:


Actually got 85% of the questions right. A fun app, to be sure from the standpoint of knowledge testing. Technically very smooth and working well. Just need a way to get out of the last page. Excellent piece of work, on the whole. I loved it!

Note: This is from a non-React developer, non-developer, period, perspective. You may take my reaction as coming from a lay person, for the most part.


Thank you very much, nice to hear! And congrats for the good score :slight_smile:
You are definitely right that there should be an exit option on the last screen – there’ll be some refinement. I will track updates here…

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In all my years here I’ve never wanted to lose sight of those first encounters. It’s a really tough world to stay connected to. Just ask me. It has given me a different perspective when assessing code models.

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New features

  • config json file for conditional rendering depending on complexity of validation
  • restart button on last screen of demo
  • Codesandbox with drag and drop component