7. A Matter of Interpretation - Help


Hey all,

New to this and I'm stuck on Interpretation - keeps giving me an error with "did you define your variable called spam?"

used :

Spam = True
Eggs = False

Am I doing something wrong?


You capitalised spam.


Thanks - So I am not supposed to capitalize spam but I capitalizing eggs is ok?


That depends on what it tells you to do.


Instructions read as follows:

  1. Create a variable called spam and assign it the value of True.
  2. Create a variable called eggs and assign it the value of False

Still did not work when I tried w lower case s for spam


It should work with spam and eggs


Thanks! tried again - all lower case


It doesn't seems to work here neather...


Ok, I'm good! II tried to put the spam and eggs as "spam_value" and eggs_value"---> My mistake!


i am used get notification the variable should have the value True


you need to capitalize True and False for it to work. The words should turn orange for it to work.