7/9 [spoilers] testing function?



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print get_average(lloyd)

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This exercise calls for the following:
"Print the resulting letter grade with print. Call the get_letter_grade function and pass in get_average(lloyd)."

The answer is code above.  Are we not calling the function?


it seems the solution does not including calling get_letter_grade, how could we do this?


I would resolve by calling both independently:

print get_letter_grade(lloyd)
print get_average(lloyd)

I was not sure what was meant by the exercise prompt: “Call the get_letter_grade function and pass in get_average(lloyd)”.

What does “pass in” in particular refer to? I couldn’t find relationship to the correct solution.


but that won’t work, given get_letter_grade is only capable of converting a number grade to a letter grade, here:

print get_letter_grade(lloyd)

lloyd is not a number grade.

we pass in arguments at function call, for example here:

print get_letter_grade(lloyd)

we pass in lloyd as argument to get_letter_grade

to get this to work, we need to pass get_average(lloyd) into get_letter_grade

you could insert an additional step, call get_average with argument lloyd to get lloyd his (her? no idea xD) number grade, and store this in a variable, then pass this variable to get_letter_grade


Which we did by defining the prior function. Understood, thank you!


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