7/8 - What is happenning?



This should be passing, correct?

My error code:

Oops, try again. Your sorted array should have at least 3 elements in it. Make sure to pass a comma as the first argument to join() !

How so? I added everything needed to complete this, and it isn't passing the lesson. I appreciate your help!

    // Create an array with several elements in it,
    // then sort it and print the joined elements to the screen
    $the_array = array("Destiny", "Uncharted", "Final Fantasy");
    print join(", ", $the_array);
    // Reverse sort your array and print the joined elements to the screen
    print join(", ", $the_array);


Hi just try to refresh the page..


Everytime I had to re-write the code I had to refresh the page, the gear on the sumbit button just keep spinning. I have used Chrome and IE, and the issue is still present.


can you post a screenshot of your code?


try to replace
print join(", ", $the_array);
print join(",", $the_array);
in line 6 and 13