7/8 Infinite Loop not showing correct code to start?

I don’t think this is the correct code for this section I am on. When I look in the forums for help, everyone else that has issues on this section is showing a different starting code.

Or am I doing something wrong?

Please paste in a link to the exact exercise. Thanks. (Copy the URL in the location bar.)


What happens if your Reset the lesson?


I have refreshed the page and reset the lesson 4 times each. When I hit run, it counts to 36 and stops ( not infinite). I’ve tried changing the counter+= 1 to just counter++ Nothing is working for me :frowning:

edit: Also, in the picture in my first post, the instructions indicate a “for” loop which is not present.

edit2: Tried going Back and hitting Next again. The same code reappears.

edit3: Its 100% the wrong code because when I hit run, on the bottom it says “Did you change the incrementer to be ‘thingsToDoIndex–’?” thingsToDoIndex is no where to be found :unamused:

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this code:

let thingsToDo = ['do laundry', 'take out the garbage', 'make dinner', 'walk the dog', 'go to the bank'];

for (let thingsToDoIndex = thingsToDo.length - 1; thingsToDoIndex >= 0; thingsToDoIndex--) {
  console.log('I need to ' + thingsToDo[thingsToDoIndex] + '.');

while (thingsToDo.length > 3) {
  console.log('I have too many things to do!');

should be at the start of the exercise. It isn’t, use the code i provided to make the exercise work. Careful, the for loop is an infinity loop

the while loop is also an infinity loop, but its a comment, so its okay for the moment

Have same problem too.

thanks for supplying the correct code

Be sure to report this issue using the Bug Reporting tool in the lesson.

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