7/8 Code Correct but getting error message anyways



In Making an Interactive Website: Push Menu 7/8, I wrote the code and kept getting an error message, so I finally just copied and pasted the example so I could see what changed but I am STILL getting the same error message...

The error message reads: Oops, try again. Remember to add code for $('body') inside $('.icon-close').click(). Look back at the instructions for the code.

var main=function(){
            }, 200);
        left: '285px'
        }, 200);
    $('.icon-close').click(function() {
      left: "-285px"
    }, 200);
      left: "0px"
    }, 200);


As far as I can tell, the $('body') element is included inside the $('.icon-close'). The brackets match up, do they not? Please assist!

Thanks in advance!



Have a close look at