7/7 It's correct but won't work!


// On the line below, create your own associative array:
$myArray = array("Person"=>"Jett","Country"=>"Australia","Religion"=>"None");

  // On the line below, output one of the values to the page:
 echo $myArray['Person'] . "<br />";
  // On the line below, loop through the array and output
  // *all* of the values to the page:
 foreach ($myArray as $Catgy => $Rsp) {
     print " " . $Catgy . ': ' . $Rsp . '<br />';


Oops, try again. It looks like 'Person=>Jett' is part of $myArray, but it wasn't printed to the page!


sorry may be i am missing some thing,
your code is alright
i think you forget to save it before realoading it.


they ask
output all of the values to the page:
and NOT the key's and value's


I've completed it now. Yes it was right but I had to re-type this line of code exactly the same and it worked?!

echo $myArray['Person'] . "