7.3 Understanding what 'info="app"' does again!

I’ve read through quite a few of the posts around the app-info element and its use of info=‘apps’. Its seems to cause a lot of confusion! Reading the discussion has certainly helped me but I have not seen anyone ask this one as far as I can tell.

To summarise I’ve completed this exercise without problem


but I’m still confused about exactly what ‘info="app’ does.

In my mind its telling the script to look at the data in the array and carry out the instructions in the app-info script for each of the objects in the array. Fine, I dont really understand the app vs apps bit but Ive read the discussions and I’m willing to go with it.

But why does the install-app element not need info=app in order for the install-app script to display an ‘install’ or ‘uninstall’ button for each array object?

I hope these questions make sense!

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