7/19[Fixed] Watch for spelling lol


Soo help me out im trying to make my own apps and website soon so getting this done on weekends is crucial, so stuck on this one... from line 16 and on i just added them and tried again because people said it was a fix. Also do this shit sober http://imgur.com/Utn5FmQ


The return keyword can only be used inside methods or function definitions which implies that the two return statements you have at the end of your code are not a part of any methods(Hence will cause an error. best bet take it out) and if you intended it to be a part of the the method you are defining above it will not work. Take a look at this post to know why.Click here


Thank you that will go in my notes congratulations you made it... haha but like i said those were just additional fixes i tired up to line 16 is what i had wanted to work but it says 'Are you sure theres a def Random_row?' i double checked spelling and my tabs as well as the argument i have noticed sometimes code academy will just not work too but i don't like to quit. Any ideas?


The problem was randit was sposed to be randint haha also line [16,] is not neccesary


@webmaster94897 if you want to paste your code here with syntax highlighting all you have to is surround the beginning and end of the code(after you paste it) with three backquotes each



Thanks for the info rydan!