7/17 jagged arrays


var jagged = [[1,1][2,2][3,3]

this is my code, I don't know what's wrong.


You have an extra bracket in the beginning. Your code should look like this:

var jagged = [1,1][2,2][3,3]


hi, @123456austinhall

you look like you have almost got it...u just need to tweak a little bit more for it to run ok

First thing. as @widicklj00 mentions you have forgotten a square ] bracket at the end of the array

var jagged = [[1,1][2,2][3,3**]]**

second tweak is at the end of the array you need to also remember the semi-colon ;

var jagged = [[1,1][2,2][3,3]];

and lastly, in between remember to separate them with a comma ,

var jagged = [[1,1] , [2,2] , [3,3] ];

et voila, its working just fine or mi name ain't dandi haha..