Exercise 7

It gives me the "Oops, try again. Double check your value for bool_three!" error and i cant see why!

That should be the right answer as far as i understand

bool_one = 2**3 == 108 % 100 or 'Cleese' == 'King Arthur' is True

bool_two = True or False is True

bool_three = 100**0.5 >= 50 or False is False

bool_four = True or True is True

bool_five = 1**100 == 100**1 or 3 * 2 * 1 != 3 + 2 + 1 is False


Don't use is, that's not among the introduced operators


I removed the IS for all lines, but this just changed the error to "Make sure you have a value for all 5 variables!"

Im not sure if im an idiot now, but this is how i interpreted your instruction

bool_one = 2**3 == 108 % 100 or 'Cleese' == 'King Arthur' True

bool_two = True or False True

bool_three = 100**0.5 >= 50 or False False

bool_four = True or True True

bool_five = 1**100 == 100**1 or 3 * 2 * 1 != 3 + 2 + 1 False


There seem to be a problem with the entire exercise, its supposed to be False on boolthree but it only accepts True as the answer


If you write two values next to each other, like so:

5 4

Then what is the result of that? Well, there isn't one, it isn't an expression and python will tell you that it's invalid syntax.

The reason that you should not use is is that the course doesn't mention it. Adding arbitrary words in code and hoping it'll do what you want won't turn out very well. Instead you need to consider what operations you have available and line them up in a way that produces the desired result.


Wow.. im sure you are a better programmer than me, and in normal cases maybe you are right, but you are so far off the deep end when it comes to this exercise now that it almost sad. Do you know where in the course i am, because if i actually listen to you, errors are flashing like crazy, but if i do the exact opposite of what you are saying, im passing the course. With the exception of the part that seemed to be faulty in the course program. AND, nothing of what you are saying is helpful at all, seeing as you arent answering my question, even though i explained that the IS was not the problem...

Also, there have been no syntax error till i followed your advise, again, it was the course assistant (or what you want to call it) that flagged the error the first time.


Post a link to the Lesson



I think that will work, let me know if it doesnt.


I looked at your code. Get rid of the "IS TRUE and IS FALSE" After each statement.


Did the code work for ya?


But i dont understand, isnt the IS TRUE and IS FALSE the entire exercise?


Now i understand the problem, me and most likely many others thought we should input the code as kind of an equation where we have the problem and the result at the end of it (19 % 4 != 300 / 10 / 10 and False == False) but we only had to do the math outside of the program and then simply input the final answer. So on boolthree here, we didnt need to input (bool_three = 19 % 4 != 300 / 10 / 10 and False == False) we just needed to write (bool_three = False) and that was it.

This may be very obvious to most senior coders but to me, as a complete rookie, this was not at all obvious and the instructions to me was a bit hazy, at best. But thanks for helping me reach this conclusion. And i hope other people stuck at the same problem will read this and save them several hair ripping hours like those i had over this.


Im not senior programmer nor am I an intermediate programmer.To me I still feel like a beginner. I've learned all this just recently. I've learned this through two different methods. Using this website and another one. I just thoroughly read through all of materials provided in the exercise.


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