7/14 Syntax Error


var answer = prompt("Add your question here!");

switch(answer) {
case 'The problem I keeep getting:
console.log("SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier");
case 'Kelsey'
And I kept getting this error: SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL


seems like your missing the closing ' here.


// The things wrong with your Syntax
var answer = prompt**("Add your question here!"); // Where did my Favorites list go?**

switch(answer) {
case 'The problem I keeep getting: // case--> Choices: Ice Cream,Cream Cake..ect...
console.log("SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier");// 'I love Cream Cake!'
break; // This Ok!
case 'Kelsey' // See choice above ^
console.log("umm...) // I hate Ice Cream!!!
// break;
console.log(""): //Choices not on the list (eggs) (candy) (money)