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I have a quick question regarding where the “.hero a” came from? I see that it is referring to the href of read now, but is that “.hero a” just singling out that specific child within the parent of .hero? If so, can you do the same with the p and the h2 if you wanted to? For example making a line with a “.hero p”


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.hero a came from the html file signifying that .hero is a class name given to the div section and a is its child.
And yes, you can target any child tag. For example, you’re right about .hero p! also, since an h2 tag is inside the div tag, .hero h2 can also be done if you want to particularly target it. Doing .hero h2 will only target the h2 inside div tag and not other h2 tags outside the div tags, if any. I hope my explanation helped you and not messed it more up! :smiley:

That does make sense bitsconsumer! Thank you for answering my question :raised_hands:

I am doing this:

“4. Now let’s resize anchor elements that are children of elements with the “hero” class using em values.
In main.css locate the .hero a selector. Change the font-size property to 1.25em;.”

But when I changed the .hero a selector tho this:

.hero a {	
	font-size: 1.25em;
	text-decoration: none;

And click the Run button, it says that there is something wrong.

Could you helping me what I am doing wrong?

I am having the exact same problem as you, and I don’t understand what I have to resize in the HTML, because the CSS is linked to the HTML. Can somebody help me understand what I’m doing wrong? Is there something in the HTML I should link to the CSS to make it work?