6. Stuck in Jumbotron : Fonts


this part is seriously driving me nuts I've tried it every way i could and still giving me an error can someone please explain what I'm doing wrongUploading...

Make a website: CSS Styling 6/10


To help with this one, I need to see:

  1. the head element from your index.html file
  2. all of your CSS code


here are both thank you for the quick response



You are missing the link to your main.css file, without that none of your CSS rules are being processed.


ok still stuck I've added the link but now its telling me to set the font family which from the pics above i already have i don't get it


Could you copy/paste all of your CSS file and all of the head element so I can what you have now. You can can use the </> button on the Toolbar to format your code.


Hi @nalires82

Thanks, but screen shots don't work for me because I can't copy/paste and submit your code.



There is a typing mistake there.
- main.ss should be main.css


ugh i give up for now this thing is annoying me i fixed what was stated as incorrect and still getting that same blasted message stating that i need to set the font family???????/


I've moved all of your posts over here to this new, clean thread -- I was getting lost in that other one!

If you still have a bit of energy left, I would still like to help.

At this point, I need to see these two things:
1. All of your CSS code, everything in main.css
2. Just the <head> ... </head> element from your index.html file.

Please don't post a screenshot. I say that because then I can't copy/paste/test your code.

Instead, try this:
1. copy your code
2. paste it into this forum
3. select it all again
4. click the </> button on the tool bar


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