6. Sorting the hash. Hash doesn't sort :( Sort.by function undefined

my problem here is that the console won’t compile because the sort.by function appears to be an undefined method

puts “enter a text”
text = gets.chomp

words = text.split (" ")
frequencie = Hash.new (0)

frequencies = frequencies.sort_by {|words, frequencies| frequencies}


anything wrong with my code?


You are missing a line of code here

Not sure if you did last exercise but here’s a quick answer

words.each {|word| frequencies[word] += 1 }

Also there’s no space between split and ( in this line

words = text.split (" ")

because it’s a function.

I know this is very late, but it might help someone else who has the same problem as you.

When you get the function not defined message, it is usually a sign that you made a typo. In this case, you created a hash called frequencie (notice the missing s). You then attempted to call .sort_by on frequencies which was never actually created, meaning it wasn’t a Hash, it was undefined.

If you change frequencie to frequencies you should be all set.