"6. Show a destination" seems to be stuck

I can’t get past step 6.
Even if I click Get Code it doesn’t work. I think this might be a bug - did anybody else get past this?

Normally, you’re supposed to provide some arguments to this type of helper something_path, destination_path(destination) did work for me.

You have to add <%= link_to "See more", destination_path %> to show.html.erb, that is in tags folder, not in destinations.

OMG, that was it! So frustrating that it was because I can’t read :wink:

(I did try all different ways of calling the path helper function, but in the wrong file…)

Thank you!

I put this line
<%= link_to “See more”, destination_path %>
in tags/show.html.erb and I see the buttons are there and work.

But the codeacademy do not let me proceed to the next step.

could someone help, please?

Try specifying the variable, like this

<%= link_to "See more", destination_path(d) %>

it works!! thanks!!

though I don’t understand it because I use |destination| instead of |d|. :smiley:
d refers to |d| in <%= @destinations.each do |d| %>, doesn’t it?

this is my code.
<%= @destinations.each do |destination| %>

<%= image_tag destination.image %>

<%= destination.name %>

<%= destination.description %>

<%= link_to “See more”, destination_path(d) %>

I made changes to the code, but the application is not accepted. how to solve this?


I think you need this line to iterate each destination.
<%= @destinations.each do |destination| %>

try to put that line under " Your code here "

you have to add “See more” in:
not in

    **<p><%= link_to "See more", destination_path(d) %></p>**

After several attempts worked, thank you all.

This topic is solved.