6. Selecting By Class



i keep getting an error and i wonder what i'm doing wrong

$(document).ready(function() {
    $('button').click(function() {


What error? I just tried it and it works.

When you hit Save & Submit, does it go full screen and when you click Click me, does it work? After that it should let you pass the exercise when you leave full screen.


I have the same probleme, everything works fine when i click on click me but i can't pass the exercice. And i have this error : " $e(...).a.cacher is not a function ".


As ghost said, your code is working fine. So there's nothing wrong with it on that end. However, sometimes Codecademy does experience a bug. Try copy and pasting your code then refreshing your browser. Restarting your broswer etc. can also fix this issue if a simple refresh does not.



I have the same problem with this exercise.

Bests regards.


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