6. Selecting a Class


$(document).ready(function() {
$('button').click(function() {

here's my code, i have no idea what i'm doing wrong, i get the error code: "Oops, try again. Please follow the instructions on the Full Preview page to test your code." Help please!


Hi Emma,

You'll need to move your mouse slower:

Submit code
Click the button
Wait two seconds
Go back to the code editor

When you're not sure what to do, just remember that there are instructions by the blue Back to editor button :)


I think there's a bug in this one, it won't let me pass either even though there's nothing wrong with the code, maybe try it in a different browser (like IE) and see if it'll work there


Yeah once I did it in Internet Explorer it let me pass then I went back to Chrome, sometimes CA has cross-browser issues...


yeah I think so to that it has a bug in it but I got past it easly


EDIT: So apparently they both work, now that I went back and tried it again. It shows me a fail if I don't click the button when it opens to the full screen. But when I hit submit, full screen opens, click the button to see them fade on the that full screen, and go back to browser it passes. Regardless of whether I used 'div' or '.vanish'.


I had the same problem. Using double quotes instead of single quotes worked for me. Go figure.


Try again with 2nd line like this:
$("div").click(function(button) {



To many ; I think. Try removing the ; from fadeOut('slow'); . Semi colons only after ). Worked for me.


Hi @pagodacom

We have the same code and it lets me pass the exercise. However it also prompts a syntax error too like the below.

This is not the first time and the only exercise I experienced such. :-\


@dyan_aguirre03gmail_ You've got your parenthesis in the wrong place on line 3, & you're missing some quotes there. Try comparing your code to @pagodacom's
& when you get a syntax error on the right side, it means there's a problem in your code, whether or not you get passed. So if that pops up, you should probably ask in the forums again next time too :)


There is no error in your code, you just need to make these steps:
Click on "Save and submit" when the "page" turn to full screen you just click on "click me" button you created.
Then click in "back to editor" and you'll can go.


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Thank you very much. That works like this :slightly_smiling: after 30 minutes


think you very much that's code is working