6.Review:CSS Setup - What is wrong with this exercise(or with me)?

I hope the image explain the issue:

I’m think the code(highlighted on the image) that i put into the text editor is correct. Or not, and why?
I already try to:

  • restart, refresh, change the browser(Chrome to Firefox don’t ask about IE i’m on Ubuntu)
  • delete the already existing link tag
  • change order of attributes in the 1st link tag
  • restart exercise progress
  • let the href atribute on the added tag without value
  • let the attributes on the added tag without value
  • disable extensions on my browsers
    This is a bug?

the value for href should style.css not /style.css since the stylesheet is in the current working directory, not the root directory

Yeah I try without slash but not working, same problem.

1.Delete the first " link".
2.Close codecademy tab
3.Go again on 6-step
5.Good luck!

You have set a . instead of / in the type
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No you shouldn’t delete the first link as it links to the bootstrap css file which you need

I think I am having the same issue.

This is the code that I have in the header, but I keep getting the same message.

< link href=“style.css” type=‘text/css’ rel=‘stylesheet’/>

Hi All,

same problem here.

I´ve already deleted the first link.
Is it important to solve it or not?
If it is, could someone paste the original content of the first link here, please?


Hello Again,

just found out what was the problem

you need to set " instead of ’ than it works

Brilliant, Thank you

That works perfectly

Still not working for me in any way. I try to restart the exercise but it’s keeping in a eternal loading to restore the workspace.

I retype the first link tag with double quotes instead of single quotes and it works.
For who deleted the first link tag and his properties just look at the image on my first post or get it here:


Thanks to everyone who gave attention to this topic.

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