6.Random stuck



Generates the random number but wont let me go next. Report bug also does nothing. I do the “get code” thing and it generates the same code i was using but still does not allow me to go forward. Not sure what to do.

console.log(Math.floor(Math.random() * 100));

The code does pass step 3. Perhaps try Run…refresh…Run again and see what happens.

Still nothing. :frowning: Im going to try again when I get home to my computer to see if that makes a difference. I will post results. Thank you for your suggestion.

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same thing here did you get it to work?

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Same here :frowning: It´s really frustrating !

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Still nothing. Tried it on 3 computers, 3 OS’s, and 4 browsers, still nothing. It seems to be an issue with code academy…

I solved it :smiley:
console.log(math.random() * 100)*
console.log (…*100);

can you please help me i dont know how to get past the first instructions on random:disappointed:

This solves nothing. lol

Same issue here. The Random Lesson has a bug that will not let me move forward. Logging out an logging in did not help. Sent a bug report. Even when I click the option to have the system provide the correct answer it fails. This is very disappointing.

on the first step just put this code: then you add the math.floor to it
hope it helps :slight_smile:

console.log(Math.random() * 100);

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