6 practice makes perfect need help



I'm stuck on this same exercise.

Here is the code I typed:

1 def cube(n):
2 return n * n * n
3 def by_three(n):
4 if n % 3 == 0:
5 return by_three(n)
6 print "divisible by three"
7 else:
8 return False
9 print "not divisible by three"

I tried using return n**3 but it kept giving me error so I replaced it with n*n*n

According to the grid my error is this: File "python", line 5
return by_three(n)
IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level

I also tried using return cube(n) in line 5 but it still gives me the error..

Could someone explain to me what's going on?


6. Practice makes perfect Functions What am I doing wrong?

Why does your code have all the numbers in front? We have indention error, please post your code without all those numbers