6. Numbers II bugged?


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Hi all, this is the first time that I post for help on the forum, if there is anything inappropriate, please excuse me.


SELECT id, cook_time, cool_down_time
FROM baked_goods; 

we’ll get the query results as shown below:

But the results of

SELECT id, MAX(cook_time, cool_down_time)
FROM baked_goods;

shown as

which made me extremely confused, because I think the MAX and MIN functions are supposed to return the greatest and least value respectively.
In the row where id = 2, the 33 of cool_down_time is larger than the 5 of cook_time obviously, but why the result returns as 5? The same circumstance occur in the rows where id = 13 and 15.

Could anyone explain it for me, please?
Much appreciate!

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Oh I have figured it out by myself.

It is because of the data type of the columns, which is TEXT.
By MAX clause, the TEXT strings in the cook_time column and cool_down_time column will be compared by their first character. As a TEXT character, β€˜5’ is larger than β€˜33’, because β€˜5’ is larger than β€˜3’. And by the way, E is larger than C due to its latter position in the alphabet.

But what if the data type is INT? Then the numbers will be compared mathematically, which means β€˜33’ will be returned in the row where id = 2.

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Thank you so much for pointing this out, as I had been confused by the results but had not been aware that the type was text. You would think they might want to point this out, as it is a very avluable lesson

lol, you’re welcome! I have never expected that someone would reply this post after such a long time.
Yes, indeed. I was astonished that no one had had mentioned it while I was searching for help on the forum. So I posted it and hoped it could help someone else.

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