6 not sure how to add if/else


var choice = prompt("You want to be a web developer,Do u want to go to college,self taught,give up).toUpperCase();

switch(choice) {
case 'Go to college':
var rich = prompt("Nice try!Do u have money(YES OR NO)?").toUpperCase();
var poor = prompt("Are u poor?").toUpperCase();
if (rich === "YES" || poor === "YES") {
console.log("You have no problem go to college");
} else {
console.log("You should save u money!")
case 'self taught':
var fast = prompt("Are u learning quckly(YES OR NO)?").toUpperCase();
var slow = prompt("Are u slow to learn?").toUpperCase();
if (fast === "YES" && slow === "YES") {
console.log("Wow,You can teach yourself at home");
} else {
console.log("You need a teacher");
case 'give up':
if (give up == true) {
console.log("Are u kidding me")
} else {
console.log("Keep it");

      console.log("What are u talking about");


You forgot to break; your default block.