6. Neighborhood Guides - Images 1


what is wrong?

Neighborhood Guides: Images 1 Error

The exercise is expecting to find three columns inside that row, but you have closed the row after the first column:

That isn't the only problem. There should be two thumbnails in that first column but there is only one now.

There are more problems, but sort those out first and then we can move on.


i'm confused as too what I should do to fix that. How do I go about it?


Don't put the closing /div tag on until the div is really finished. In that last image that I posted, the third /div is closing the row. You will have to take that and move it so that it is after the third column.

Then you can find your second thumbnail and put it inside the first column.

After that you will have to carefully looks at your other columns and thumbnails to make sure that everything is in the expected place.

If you are having a hard time seeing what you are building then I would suggest putting comments on your div tags like this:

	    <div class="row"> <!-- start row -->
	      <div class="col-md-4"> <!-- start 1st column -->
	        <div class="thumbnail">
	           ... first thumbnail code here
	        <div class="thumbnail">
	           ... second thumbnail code here
	      </div> <!-- close 1st column -->
	      <div class="col-md-4"> <!-- start 2nd column -->
	         <div class="thumbnail">
	           ... third thumbnail code here
	        <div class="thumbnail">
	          ... fourth thumbnail code here
	      </div> <!-- close 2nd column -->
	      <div class="col-md-4"> <!-- start 3rd column -->
	        <div class="thumbnail">
	           ... fifth thumbnail code here
	      </div>  <!-- close 3rd column -->
	    </div> <!-- close row -->


Just fixed and got it to work! Thank you so much for answering my dumb questions,