6. Meal Sums - Group and sum the products by amount paid


I ve done this at the point 6 and I get this error message, I cant understand "Group and sum the products by amount paid". Even if I follow what it says the answer does not work. I believe Ive done things right, but I can not move on. Help.

select name, round(sum(amount_paid),2)
from order_items
group by name
order by 2 desc;


I just tried it with a space before the 2 with no errors.

select name, round(sum(amount_paid), 2)


thanks mtf, but I did it and im still getting the same message "Group and sum the products by amount paid." :frowning:
Im missing something here?

select name, round(sum(amount_paid), 2)
from order_items
group by amount_paid
order by 2 desc;


There is no column heading, amount_paid, but round(sum(amount_paid), 2). We're instructed to group by name and order by column 2 descending.


Thanks Mtf! Now I understand where is the issue.