6. List 'em all!



I get the error "Oops, try again. It looks like your list function isn't printing the right output."
I'm not understanding how to do the list function or what i have done wrong. I will be eternally grateful to anyone who points out my ignorance.

var friends = {
    andreas: {
        firstName: "Andreas",
        lastName: "Marprotos",
        number: 0735754589,
        address: ["breckvegen 11", "sundbyberg", "sverige", "16634"]

friends.bill = {
    firstName: "Bill",
    lastName: "Billson",
    number: 0705649089,
    address: ["onestreet", "Redmond", "CA", "98052"]
friends.steve = {
    firstName: "Steve",
    lastName: "Schteve",
    number: 1234567890,
    address: ["liveshere street", "madeup", "somestate", "88123"]
    var list = function(friends) {
        for (var bajs in friends) {


you only need to log bajs to console (which contains bill, andreas and steve)


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