6.List em all. Syntax error plz help


var friends = {
bill: {
number: 5,
address: ['Microsoft.com','netborwser', 420]
steve: {
number: 5,
address: ['Apple.com','netbrowser', 69]
clyde: {
address: [23]
richard: {
address: [2]
var list = function(friends){
for(var i in friends)

Syntax error. o.o PLZ HELP! T.T


On first glance it looks like you're missing a curly bracket on line one

should be
var friends = {};

I'd love to say I know why but I don't
also I think you need quotes round your number e.g.

number: "5",

also at the end of each friend listing you should finish with }; not },
and at the very end your curly bracket should have a ;

I'm just learning so that's probably the extent of my knowledge
good luck,


One more problem to be honest... at lastName: "Gates", cuz of the : I get an unexpected token : If i remove it than it gives another error.