6. Jumbotron: Fonts -- What is wrong in this code?


what is wrong in this code

Set the font-family of the h1 element

The code that I can see there looks perfect.

Here are the most common problems that people have with that exercise: http://discuss.codecademy.com/t/exercises-6-and-8-common-problems/9999

If that doesn't help you to see where your problem is then please post the following items so that I can help you troubleshoot:

  1. The <head> ... </head> element from your index.html file.
  2. All of your main.css file.

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I cant see last "}" at the end of last line i dont know if its there or not.


I'm pretty sure it's because in font family you have "font-family: "shift",sans-serif;" and it's suppose to be "font-family: "Shift",sans-serif;" the Shift is suppose to be capitalized. I'm not sure about this but that's what I see is different from the side to your code.