6. Is this a trick or something


Hi, I'm stuck on HTML and CSS part 1. CSS Setup. 6/15=Links.

When I add the link it says that I haven't done it correctly. Also,it says something about adding an anchor element for the URL. What does it mean?

Don't understand

Please post your code. :slight_smile:


how do I do it help me please. I'm new to this thing.


I cannot help you solve an issue with your code if you don't post it for me to see.


how do I post the code I don't know how to. Please help me.


Take a look at this post,

So copy and paste your code from the lesson then format it. :slight_smile:



This will help right?


This link will tak me to my code on this lesson.

On that lesson copy and paste your preformatted code. :slight_smile:


But, basically what you are supposed to do in the exercise is nest a an image in a link tag,

<a href="some url"><img src="some url"/></a>


<a herf= "https://www.codecademy.com/ ">Code Cademy</a>

This is the correct link to code cademy,yes? If it is why is the lesson saying that it is wrong?????:no_mouth:


Because you are supposes to nwstvteh image in an a href link that must also have a target attribute :slight_smile:


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