6. Inside the head element



I am having the same/similar problem. Please help.

This is my index screen

This is my Main screen

Sorry about extra screens I should have cropped it first.

Make a website: CSS Styling 6/10

A couple of things,

  • There is no font.css file in this project, that link may be the problem.
  • What happened to your .nav a { ... } CSS rule from exercise 2?
  • What happened to your .jumbotron { ... } CSS rule from exercise 3?

All of those things are having some effect on the web page that you are building here.


Thanks Albionsrefuge, I was able to get through by replacing all missing fields.

I have now made it to CSS layout and I am having at CSS Layout navigation screen 2 - making a new CSS rule to include all li elements inside of a div.

I dont' know why but anything with a div seems to stump me.


I missed your reply, sorry about that. Are you still having trouble with this?