6) if statement

i need help exercise 6 if statement

Could you provide a little bit more information? What is your code, was are you supposed to do, what is the error message you receive?

Like Haxor said… Please provide more detailed information as to why you need help. A simple copy paste of your code would even be better than nothing.

Now i went ahead and went to the exercise… and well since i;m not sure what you need help with, i’ll just explain it.

You’re supposed to add either “||” which is Or, or “&&” which is And between the true or false inside the if statement in line four…
if (true /*HERE IS WHERE YOU WOULD ADD IT */ false)
By adding either && or || in there, you will get an output of true or false. You are being asked to get an output of true.

So since its if (true … false), to make it false, you want to insert || in there.