6. I don't know what I'm missing



I'm stuck and I don't know why the code isn't working.
For me everything looks correct and I don't know what I'm missing...

Could you please check my work?

Number 6 Neighborhood Guides: Images 1

5., 6. & 7. Some best practices to avoid errors

It looks like you have been putting your new neighborhood-guides code in your nav div instead of in the neighborhood-guides div.

Have another look at that and let us know how you get on with it.


Yes, I changed the position and everything works now and I stepped to the other lesson. Furthermore, do you know any other resources where I can learn more to work with Main.CSS?

Thank you for your help!


Have you already done the HTML & CSS course here?


Yes, I have done and the other course and I would like to learn more.
Furthermore, I code on a virtual studio on the website, which program I can download to start creating websites? (sorry for the stupid question, but I'm a beginner)


To get started making web pages on your computer you just need a good, free, code editor. Which one you pick will depend on your operating system. If you google for "code editor" and the name of your OS, it will show you popular options.

You should try asking your question about more resources over in the Corner Bar -- I'm pretty sure that you'll get some suggestions there.


Thank you for your answers! I appreciate the help. :slightly_smiling: