Wow. I got the same error too.

6. Hover

Please paste in your code and error


Whop. Nevermind. I tried to submit it again and it's suddenly working :confused:


I just refresh the page, submit, and it does not work again.

Here is the script.js:



when doing the test on preview if you move your mouse out of the div too fast it will fail you,

hover over the div count five and then remove your cursor from the div


Ooooh I see it now. So we have to follow the instruction at the bottom of the page.


Yip :slight_smile:  


Thank you. It is quite frustrating to find out the reason by myself :sweat_smile:


By yourself?
I told you:


Oh sorry. I mean, it was quite frustrating when I tried to find it out by myself. And then there you are giving the answer. So it is a big help of course.


Oh okay, was confused. :wink: