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Hi all ,
I m trying to put the quizz questions on the good file but it doesn’t appear on my quizzes , yet the console tells me that the branch was created . thanks for your help !
Error message : Did you add a quiz question to biology.txt then click Run?

Your output in the commandline suggests that those two directories are separate repositories, which one was supposed to be edited?

Hi Ionatan ,
the one supposed to be edited is in the my-quizzes file . But it doesn’ appear as you can see . And the terminal tells me that the branch bio-questions , the bio-questions already exists ??? I don’t understand . In previous questions post , I saw that there were two biology.txt file : one in my-quizzes and one in science-quizzes (that’s why there were mistakes) . Here we see just one in science-quizzes and this is not the one I have to put the questions in .
So how to proceed ?

While you could fix the state of your repository, that involves knowing what it should be like (git doesn’t tell you what to do)

So you’re probably best off resetting from the first exercise of that workspace (5-6 exercises back judging by your screenshot), and follow along closely both in what commands to carry out and in what’s supposed to happen

ok I m going to try to do this yes . Thanks Ionatan !

Like, we could go about repairing it right. But I’m not sure what the point is.
It’s just a few exercises, repeating them should take a few minutes right. If you get the same thing again…

I’ll just ask you to upload it and I’ll look at it >.<

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Yes it works ! The second file biology.txt appears in my-quizzes !
I had to reset . Thanks Ionatan

Yeah okay. I was just figuring out the commands for creating an archive and uploading it. I suppose I’ll abort that then… was near done tho D:

cd ~
tar -czf w.tgz ~/workspace
curl --upload-file ./w.tgz https://transfer.sh/workspace.tgz
rm w.tgz
cd -

look !

what is it for exactly ? cd… tgz …?

tgz is short for tar and gzip, tar is short for TapeARchive (yes, it’s an old program)
tar bundles files together into a single file, gzip compresses it. cd you should know. curl does a bunch of network stuff, like fetching websites/files or in this case, uploading

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