6. git diff ISSUES on step 3


Ok, this one is giving me a challenge. There are three steps and I have the first two completed (shown below) :
1. I added the "Dumblediff....." in the code editor in scene-1.txt (pass)
2. I entered '''git diff''' to the terminal (pass)
Step 3: Add the changes to the staging areas in Git. Recall that you will need to identify the file by its name.
My wrong entry: git diff <scene-1.txt> (FAIL)

Any help is most appreciated. Getting frustrated..


maybe without the <>? I guess this is just manual use of arbitrary file name


EDIT: SOLVED TRY ENTERING THIS CODE IN THE TERMINAL git update-ref scene-1.txt try this


Try this code in terminal: git add scene-1.txt


Figured it out. Don't ask me how though :smile:

But seriously that step was particularly challenging (everything else was OK). This is why I prefer the 'Programming Languages' as opposed to the 'Web Developer Skills' tutorials. I wish they would add Java, C++, and C#. Maybe one day.


tryout Python. U will :+1: it


There is a start of a java track here:
Also git is not about web development only but about version control.


I also get the same problen in git diff step 3: Add the changes to the staging area in Git. Recall that you will need to identify the file by its name.
what code should i try out in the terminal


"git add ." this command helps to complete step 3 in git diff


I typed $git diff then let it run then for step 3 i used $git add scene-1.txt


I typed
1. $git diff scene-1.txt
then let it run then
2. press q from your keyboard to exit from diff mode.
3. $git add scene-1.txt


First in the code editor, copy the text - Dumblediff: I should've known you would be here, Professor McGonagit.
step 2 in the terminal - git add scene-1.txt
then step 3 - git diff scene-1.txt


they have added java


Thats true
Python is also easy too.