6. Getting Started: Did you put document inside $( )?


I entered this:


And keep getting Oops try again. What am I missing?


for the exercise 6. Getting started, the instructions ask you to write only


without any additional stuff. The function is added in the next step “7. The functional approach”


Yes, and I only entered this


@netjumper97942 This is a problem on Codecademy’s side. Exercises six and seven are already done for you.
I’ve tried to fix this, but I’m only able to fix it for people who start the course after I made the change, so if you began the course before I edited it you won’t get my changes :confused:


What I did is I wrote this and it worked:
Instead of writing:
(document).ready(); Write: (document).ready(function);

Hope it works for you too! :slight_smile:


you could just leave everything as it is and it would work just like that .
because there already is $(document).ready(); in script.js .