6.font size help


I am having problems with changing the size of the text to 20px. I don't understand why there is a error. could someone help me please?


Try refreshing the page, also make sure your browsers zoom is set to 100%



I have refreshed the browser several times, the zoom is already set to 100%, Ive also tried doing this exercise in Internet Explorer and the same error still occurs.


Try moving the line that you use to set the font to line 40, if that doesn't work last resort is to click get help and reset exercise



I have been Check your code

Into this case you have to set the height of text like 'font-height:1em' and also you has been set the 'font-size:20px' so it will be overlapping. So, you need to increase the 'font-height' or else decrese the 'font-size',

Divyesh Padamani


Hey, I have the same problem. Have you already solved it?


I had the same problem, I think what was causing the error was that there was an error somewhere else, I'm not sure what it was though. I did notice that the background was not dark but white. After I got the code it went back to normal. I'm a total beginner too so apologies if that was not helpful.


Although the lesson doesn't at all mention this, if the "font-size: 20px;" doesn't work you also have to add a "line-height: 1em;" after the font-size command as this normally fixes the problem.