6. Fancy up your font


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6. Fancy up your font:

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title> Mohamed R. </title>
	<body> <img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademy-blog/assets/ninja_zpsa5dbe37a.jpg" /> 
	<p> Hi my name is Mohamed Asfaq Rizwan, and I'm eager to learn hot to code and looking forward to make a website. </p> 
	<ul> Interests </ul>   
	<li> Cars </li> 
	<li> Technology </li>
	<ul> Jobs </ul> 
	<li> IT </li>
	<li> app devoloper </li> 
	<ul> Where I've lived </ul>
	<li> India </li> 
	<li> KSA </li>
	<ul> Quotes </ul> 
	<li> an eye for an eye makes an whole world blind </li>
	    <li> interests
        <li>favorite teams</li> 
        <p style="color:red">I'm Green!</p>             <li>Item #1</li>
        <p style="color:green">I'm red! font:15 </p> <li>Item #2</li> 

**it says: **

Spice up your profile with different fonts, sizes, and colors. You can do any combination you like, so long as you use font-family, font-size, and color at least once each!



i only see color, where are your font-family and font-size? You need all three

  1. All of this code should be before the closing body tag..
  2. You haven't added font-family
  3. Your font size is in correct

should be something like:

<p style="color: yellow; font-size: 19px">Something </p>


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