6. cp II


  1. I’m following the directions on how to navigate through the directories and yet, my boxes aren’t checking off as complete.

  2. I created the file ‘shrek.txt’ and followed step 2 and 3, yet those boxes didn’t check off as complete either.

Am I not entering the code in correctly because when I check my statements with the ‘ls’ and ‘pwd’ commands, they see to have populated in their respective categories.

It is odd that you found yourself in /home/ccuser/workspace/movies to being with, the previous lesson would have left you off in /home/ccuser/workspace/movies/drama/historical. This, in turn, would have allowed you to successfully run the cd …/…/comedy command.

perhaps try:

cd ../../comedy

Had same thing happen! Thank you for sharing and thank you help desk

Thank you so much for clarifying
the program reset after idle time
previous code lines were gone - resets you to scratch

nice to know the program wants the code an exact way previous in order to continue forward.

ok I tried what you suggested. because I’m logging back into the course, the termial resets and the code is blank - so then I try to manipulate and follow the code you suggested. eventually getting to/ adding that cd … / …/ comedy command/step. it is still not continuing onto the next instructions. I understand how to get through all the instructions for cp II. I’m trying to continue onward to finish command line as a requirement for a class. help would be greatly appreciated!

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