6. cannot solve question 2

I also can’t complete this step. I created a new branch with:

git branch bio-questions

however it throws an error:

Did you create a new branch called "bio-questions"?

Please could you give a direct link to the exercise for ease and accuracy of administering help? :slight_smile:

Of course.


Okay. Thank you for providing me with that.

Now, you should do exactly:

$ cd my-quizzes
$ git branch bio-questions

It worked fine. Or in your best interest, after typing git branch, copy and paste the branch file name from your instructions panel using the right click and not keyboard shortcuts.

Now it worked instantly. I promise you though, that I did nothing differently :open_mouth:

Thanks for your help though. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

I am glad it worked and you have learnt one or two from this. :slight_smile:

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