6.) Arrays of arrays: Need More Rows


Not sure why I am not getting the minimum three rows out of this array. I thought you just need it to be 3 with 3 inside of each...

var newArray = [[["cool", 3, 5], ["cool", 3, 5], ["cool", 3, 5]]];


If you take a good look at your code it has 3 [ in the start and 3 in the end. why?
You only need 2 because the array in the middle already have his own [].

so basically, what you should type, looks like:

var newArray = [["cool", 3, 5], ["cool", 3, 5], ["cool", 3, 5]];


you just need an array:

var newArray = []

in which you should nest 3 arrays, but you seem to have nested another array. that is too many


Ah thank you very much! Sneaky little arrays


And thank you stetim94 as well! I appreciate all the help from moderators and help desk peoples