6. And (Help)


Stuck on this -

Set bool_two equal to the result of

-(-(-(-2))) == -2 and 4 >= 16 ** 0.5

Specifically this part -(-(-(-2)))

Any help would be appreciated.


what is the result of -(-2)? If we solve that, we solved one set of parentheses, and we can do the same for all the others, moving outwards.


That would be 2? Which is not the same as -2, then 4 is equal to the square root of 16 so would answer be false?


yes, then you have to resolve the remaining minus and parentheses. If that answer is indeed 2, then 2 == -2 evaluates to false.

so this evaluates to true, so then we have:

false and true

which evaluates to?


So the answer would be false?


yes, you seem to understand everything just fine


Great! Thank for your help, makes it all clearer now you explained each part.