6/9 Mixins and Maps Bug Report


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I cannot solve this exercise and when I click “get code” I get no response at all. I can always click “Keep Trying”, but no matter what I do (and I tried pasting the solutions mentioned in this forum), I always get this message:

Did you include the $stripes mixin and pass in a list defining the arguments as to bottom, 15%, blue, white inside of .definition in main.scss?

Of course I did all that, but even if not, I do believe the “get code” button should work (and it does in other exercises).


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Hi, if You press f12 and go to console You can see few errors like blocked_by_client, it’s because one of these errors had to be linked to new exercise but there is link to one marketing facebook page(developer’s mistake). However You already make an article so I will just show it here:

You can open for example 3rd error and there it will show You failed success code(oxymoron). I hope they will repair it fast. :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue. Just posted is somewhere on this Forum.

Glad to see I am not the only one with this problem.

still same bug cant move on ;/

try it on google chrome it worked for me mozilla i dont know why but gives error all the time

Hey thanks, you’re absolutely right, it works in Chrome!

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