6/8 Git Workflow-How to open text in editor

I am stuck on this exercise, not quite sure how to open biologytxt in the code editor. Is there a command that I missed?
Thank you!

There’s some button in the upper left that opens some file explorer…thingy.

If you can’t find it, or are up for an adventure, you could pull up an editor in the terminal!

So you could type:

nano file_to_open

and Ctrl - X will exit (and prompt for saving changes)

There’s also vim and perhaps emacs, which are both popular editors, but you may find them… difficult to use if you are not familiar with them whereas nano is much simpler.

vim is exited by (first hitting escape in case you have started a command) and then typing :q to quit or :wq to write and quit or :q! to force quit.

When you start vim, you’ll need to enter insert mode in order to type anything, that’s done by pressing i and once you’re done, esc will get you back out.

emacs is exited with Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C

Additionally, in the command line, you can use ls (list) to list files in current directory, and cat <file_name> (concatenate) to display a text file

it have a icon,just look for it!