6/7 password is correct but repository not found


Please help, I am entering my credentials correctly but I keep getting the same error message:
remote: Repository not found.
fatal: repository ‘https://github.com/raph-395/raph.395.github.io.git/’ not found

Username for 'https://github.com': raph-395
Password for 'https://[email protected]':
remote: Repository not found.
fatal: repository 'https://github.com/raph-395/raph-395.github.io.git/' not found

https://github.com/raph-395/raph.395.github.io is the repository, not sure why you included .git ad the end, if we go to https://github.com/raph-395/raph.395.github.io.git github will show you a 404 page

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thanks, i’ll try it out later. You replied really quickly so I appreciate it :slight_smile:

and also, if you look at this next screenshot , you’ll see that the instructions say to add .git at the end

update: still not working and same error message

Weird, i can’t replicate the problem. Both seems to pull the repository fine.

edit, what if you try to pull (git pull origin master) the repository?

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idk. ill try. thx though

I tried and its the exact same error message as before, I think I’m going to delete my GitHub account and restart the whole course if I dont get it figured out by this week end

if i push to your repo:


i get a 403, which means forbidden. Which means i am not authorized, but the repository exist, and you should be able to push.

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see, even you had .git at the end in your latest screenshot

update: My file directory wasn’t showing up so I just reset my progress and I will delete and create a new GitHub account

I appreciate your help though :smile: :space_invader: :slight_smile:

Oh my god! Right before I deleted my repository (it was too late) I realized what the problem was! My repository name as wrong, I wrote it …raph-395… aven though it was …raph.395…

which why its very wise to copy the url, https://github.com/raph-395/raph.395.github.io would have worked fine (its a page you can visit on github) and then add .git or it will be added for you

Good spot, i didn’t spot it

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well, anyways, I still appreciate your time, effort and kindness.
Good luck to you. :smile:

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