6/5 Control Flow Know-How bug


so i was doing the redacted section and noticed a bug that allowed me to push forward without actually having accomplished the goal in section 5

here's my code

puts "What to search through"
text = gets.chomp

puts "What to redact"
redact = gets.chomp

words = text.split (",")

words.each do |word|

if word == redact
    print "REDACTED "
    print word + " "


if you look carefully you'll noticed where i made the mistake, but the lesson doesn't catch it and lets me move forward.. i made my fix so it to replaced my words properly with REDACTED. wanted to point out this minor bug cause it would let me move on with this code no problem


Same here, it let me pass without actually printing REDACTED! The (",") > (" ") solved it tho it let me pass the first time.