6/3/20 – New Toolkit Feature

Hey Community!

Today we’re starting to roll out a change to your dashboard by adding a toolkit, shown below, starting with 20% of users.

The resources in your toolkit will change, so keep an eye on it, they should be useful for you! Over time, we will be making this toolkit a smarter companion to your learning journey, depending on your goals and how you’re using Codecademy. We’re excited to build that for you!

This toolkit replaces the former ‘practice’ tab showing our optional challenge projects. Our data showed that this tab wasn’t particularly useful to you, but for those few who were using it, we’ve included links to those projects below. They are also being incorporated into course and path syllabi (this is underway but as of writing not yet shipped), and still available with the ‘apply’ card on your dashboard.

We’re always working to improve learning on Codecademy, how can this toolkit be better (we have some ideas but want your take)? Let us know in the comments!

List of Challenge Projects


:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Are these links now the only way to access the Challenge Projects for those users who get the new interface? :slight_smile:

Nope, they’re getting surfaced within syllabi, like so, in updates soon to come:

They’ll also still be suggested when appropriate within your learning experience with interstitials, the apply card, etc.


I checked and it does not show me for. Could you please add the link to them somewhere? Really do not understand why you would remove them.

I linked to the projects above in this thread.

Tennis Ace links to Responsive Club Website at the moment.

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Now fixed, thank you!