6/19 Practice Makes Perfect (Functions)

def cube(number):
  return number**3
def by_three(number):
  if cube(number)%3 == 0:
    return cube(number)
    return False

Above is the code I have in the editor. It works for the exercise (I can move on to the next exercise fine). However, when I test the code, it will print the number cubed regardless to if it is divisible by three or not. Why?

running this code should produce no output, there are no function calls to execute the functions.

yes, by_three calls cube, but you never call cube or by_three from outside any function

Thanks. I did call a function when I was testing it, but I called cube(num) rather than by_three(num).

well, the purpose of cube function is to return the cube (there is a surprise :stuck_out_tongue: ) , regardless wether or not divisible by three

But then you also answered your own question?